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I'm stressed right now. Thanks poor_echo for the help :). I've got work Saturday I really didn't want to leave earlier from home. Bandit (my rabbit) is going to the vet Saturday. She has a broken leg but dad and I are worried somehow her other leg is broken even though we didn't do anything. I feel so bad for her, she's about 8 I believe but she could still live to be 12. We'll see what the vet says :/.

^^That's her. Today it seems like she's in a lot of pain though or something I really really hope not. I feel so bad but there's really not much I can do. She won't eat much but not cuz she doesn't want to but for some reason if she raises her head up she starts kicking her back feet and acts like it really hurts. She was fine before this whole incident and now I'm not sure where she's at.

My Theatre grade on OneStop is recorded as a C when on Blackboard it's a B and I KNOW it's supposed to be a B so I have to deal with that. Then money I'm supposed to get back for books and whatever else I need isn't through yet. It's just one stressful thing on top of another.
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