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Last night I got a migraine and I still have it somewhat...gotta love those. Dad and I still can't get how she broke her leg. She jumped like she always has from my dad so if she broke her bones that easily for all we know she could have bone cancer or something. And all day yesterday Bandit sounded congested and like she had a tiny bit of difficulty breathing. Last night we went to bed. Of course it took me forever to sleep cuz of the migraine. But then dad and I woke up at the same time cuz we heard Bandit screaming for those of you who don't know, rabbits can make a noise. I've heard the baby bunnies we rescued at mom's do it. And Bandit kind of did it once when my mom picked her up lol. Anyways, she was screaming but had labored breathing so she'd kind of scream, breathe, scream while breathing again etc it wasn't just one scream straight. It was so awful I just sat there and started crying. I hate to see animals in pain like that especially if it's my pet, and she's screaming when she never really makes a noise. It's like this higher pitched whining sound it makes you feel sooooo awful. My dad called the emergency vet and took her in at 2am. I didn't go only cuz my migraine made me feel like I was going to throw up and hurt real bad. They told my dad she developed pneumonia. Now, I had it once and got over it. With rabbits it's different. The vet lady said it's really hard for a rabbit to pull through that. Also, she developed it because she was too stressed. As you all know rabbits are prey to many animals in the wild, so since she had a broken leg and had to lay there, she obviously stressed out too much thinking a predator would get her if she didn't figure out how to get away and brought on this illness. Plus, when rabbits get sick like that it spreads rapidly so if you don't get it taken care of immeadiately, forget saving them. Dad said they put her in an oxygen tank. And that her ears were still up and he was petting her but she just seemed to be blankly staring at the glass. The only option we had was to put her down. She was having such a hard time breathing and was in so much pain that we'd rather put her out of misery. The vet lady said she was surprised she was 8 years old cuz the other rabbits that come in never lived that long so in a way it's good cuz Bandit got to live a longer life than a lot of other pet rabbits. Even my dad who doesn't really cry I could tell the first time on the phone he kind of was in tears it was awful. I wish I could've gone and pet her one more time I really didn't get a chance to say goodbye but I'm sure she knows I loved her. When my dad came home he talked with me for a little but also had to get up for work in an hour and a half.  He felt bad, I felt bad and Bandit I'm guessing was put to sleep not long after dad left sooo around 3ish or later whatever.  She was an amazing/smart rabbit most people don't give them credit cuz they think they're stupid...they're not. She was so fluffy, soft, sweet, funny, loving, etc. I would be working at 5pm today. But I called in and Ben (the manager) probably isn't too happy cuz I just had a long break off cuz I was in NY and now I take a day off. But I wasn't lying I had a migraine, didn't get much sleep maybe 3 hours at most last night, and am emotionally unable to drive an hour and a half I'd be crying the whole way. So if work gets pissed at me oh well right now I'm more upset that Bandit's gone. I know I got a job to actually work but I can't go in when something like this happens either. God, I just miss her so much and wish I could go back in time when she was all normal. Or at least tell her one more time that I loved her cuz I didn't really get that chance cuz I felt sick. As I mentioned, it's scary how the other day she was fine and seemed to be getting better, and then only a day later she's going, that's how fast rabbits go downhill.  But I know she's in a better place now. I may keep her ashes cuz burying her like in the woods some animal will probably dig her up. If I kept her ashes, I'd always have her with me. Blah so I feel miserable and randomly start crying I'm a mess.  

On a more positive side, they played "I'm Free" by The Who from Tommy at Sawmill Taproom that was so odd I love that song but you'd never hear it on a radio I think they play some XM radio station.  Cuz another time dad and I went there they played two songs in a row off of the album Quadrophenia.  Then on 100.7 they played "Pinball Wizard."  And in NY my bro told me that they played "Magic Bus."  Also while I was in NY for Christmas break on 107.5 they played "Giving It All Away" by Roger Daltrey (and yeah I love Roger haha)!  They actually played his solo work you'd never hear that on this shitty station down here.  Up in NY they played "Slit Skirts" by Pete Townshend on 99.1 over the summer.  Sorry, just needed a mental break.

If anyone reads this whole entire thing I'll be shocked. 

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