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Cold and tired

I'm cold.  It's only about 37 degrees here in NC.  Surprisingly, not much different than NY scary huh?  The weather's been so odd lately anyways.  Just last week I believe we had temperatures in the 60s even 70s or was that the week before?  Anyways...I'm still cold even though I'm in the house.  I'm really tired too.  Haven't gotten a lot of sleep the past few nights.  Sunday dad and I cleaned for a few hours the carpet you can actually walk on now with bare feet the pee stains were so bad...not getting into everything else.  Yesterday I hung out with Tamara at her place yay.  Snoopy (my hamster) escaped from his ball somehow I need to buy him another this one never went down right so it must've opened when he hit something.  Luckily, he didn't go under the room door, he was under my bed hahaha he gave me th evilist look cuz I found him.  Bandit would go under the bed too.  I have work tonight, they always pick the days I don't want to work and the days I'm not busy I'm not working.  I like most of my classes so far, the only one I don't care for is Philosophy: Business Ethics or whatever it's called.  He just talks about what seems like nothing and I have no clue what chapter he's covering in the book since he's not the greatest teacher.  I think I'll end up hating that class the most.  The rest I actually like for once.  How has everyone else been?  Peace loves.

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