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I'm wicked tired...just got home from work.  Didn't get much sleep a couple nights ago.  I'm so out of it lol.  I don't know what it is but seriously I'm still not burned out on The Who.  Hahahaha I have issues but I've been way too obsessed with them forever here and I still am.  I just don't think I can get burned out.  They're like the best band to ever exist (I know that's only my opinion) but that's how I feel.  I mean just look at all 4 of them.  Roger, being my favorite, his amazing curly hair or dippity-doo (or as some icon said dippity-doom rofl) whichever you prefer, he was/is in excellent shape ;), amazing stage presence, great smile, powerful voice, started that whole swinging the mic thing, I could keep going.  Then, you have John who also had an amazing smile, amazingly talented at bass listen to Live at Leeds haha, veryyyyyy good looking, plus not to mention he was the quiet one and I'm the quiet one always so I kind of fit.  Then of course you have Pete the amazing guitarist who wrote most of the music and used the synthesizer and smashed his guitar (whenever I see someone smash one now I think hey Pete started that), he started a lot of things I'm too lazy to put in.  Geez then last but not least you have Keith.  Oh my god he always makes me laugh he did anything and everything.  But he was also a great drummer.  He made the band so crazy hahaha.  And I'll just shut up now.


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